Challenged Credit Stopping You from Owning Your Dream Home?

Let us help you on the path to home ownership today, despite credit challenges!

Let me start by saying, you are not alone! Many Canadians feel like they have to rent instead of owning their own home due to credit challenges.  You don’t have to continue lining the pockets of your landlord while they enjoy all the equity growth in the property you live in.    Instead of waiting until your credit challenges have been repaired, you can rent to own a house today that fits your budget, your needs and will allow you to enjoy the great benefits of homeownership which include building equity especially in today’s market!

Conventional Mortgage

When issuing mortgages, most lenders typically require a good credit score (usually around 650-680 to start with a good credit history. Qualifying with a lower score could still happen but with a much higher down payment as they are considered “higher-risk” . If your credit is less than perfect or the banks have told you “not yet” on a mortgage, consider rent to own as a viable option for you get into home ownership . This is a reliable alternative for many because it gives you time to build up your down payment, improve your credit  while living in a home you select today.

Down Payment Requirements

We require a minimum down payment of 3%.  This is 100% credited towards your future purchase of the home. A critical  component of rent to own is to improve your credit while adding to your initial down payment each and every month. Doesn’t it sound better to live in a home that you control, you can update/renovate and  enjoy future growth from the increased value in the home?  Start building up your ownership stake in your home rather than  throwing your money away on rent.

Tennant First and Property First Rent To Own

There are 2 ways of getting into a rent to own home. You can choose a home that we currently already own or we can work with you to find out what you can afford and once that is done you are set up with a real estate agent and are sent on your way to search for your dream home.

Credit Repair

A very important component of rent to own is to restore your credit while adding to your initial down payment each and every month, So you are building up your ownership stake (equity) in the home rather than just throwing your money away on rent for the next 3 years . We work closely with you and set you up with a credit specialist to help you on your journey of re establishing your credit and making you home owners and not renters. Stop throwing your hard earned money away on rent today and start your path to home ownership.


  • Credit Challenges (Consumer or Bankruptcy OK)
  • No credit
  • 3% minimum down payment

Your initial down payment is 100% credited towards the future purchase of the home

( Average  term is 36 months).

Pre-Qualify Now - Take the First Step Towards Home Ownership

If you have a reliable income, then qualifying to purchase a home through our Rent to OWN / Lease to OWN purchase programs may be easier than you think. Take a few minutes to complete our simple questionnaire to see if you qualify. All information will be kept strictly confidential. Please be as accurate and specific as possible to allow us to properly assess your situation.

Requirements for Buyers (choose your own home with our realtor):

 •   Minimum 3% initial (down) payment, (fully credited towards future purchase)

•    (You will require to meet minimum lender GDS / TDS requirements)


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