Why Renovate Your Investment Property?

Whether you want to flip it or buy and hold it – renovating your property is worthwhile and the best way to increase your property value, especialy when it comes to re finance so you can pull a portion of your capital back out.

There is no renovation, big or small, that Primo Investment Properties can't handle. From extensive full house renovations, to simple kitchen improvements and everything in between. 

Not only will we get the work done, we'll also make sure you understand whats going on every step of the way. We will supply a detailed written estimate, outlining the full scope of work before we even lift a hammer. During the renovation, we'll update you regularly, through phone calls, emails and photos. When the renovations are complete, we take the client on a final walk-through ensuring everything is beyond expectation. 

Best of all, we'll provide you with an estimate of how much your renovation will increase the price of your property, as well as the monthly estimated rent, before we even start. This will give you an instant idea of ROI and the peace of mind knowing that the renovation is money well spent.



"Renovated units are typically rented out 50 - 70% faster compared   to non-renovated or outdated units."


Benefits of Renovation:

Increase total property value 

Increase rental value

Attract a higher quality tenant/buyer

Sell or rent out your property faster

Reduce short-term maintenance costs 

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