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About Property Management

Primo Investment Properties. is a premiere provider of property management services. We're real estate investors too, and We have developed a time tested system to efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of your real estate interests. From tenant screening, to repairs, and even marketing, we cover everything from A - Z. We'll take care of not only your properties but your tenants, as if they were our own.

Outsourcing your property management is a crucial step when it comes to growing your portfolio. Having Cabral Property Investments manage your properties, will be the best decision of your investing career, and will provide a variety of direct and indirect benefits. We are also a contractor so there is no middle men with ridiculous markets when repairs are needed.

What Makes Primo Investment Properties Different:

  •  Owner get's final approval of all tenant applications
  •  Owners receive all tenant paper work, plus move in/out photos
  •  Owners sign all paperwork
  •  Rent is paid directly to owner not management company
  •  In-house collections 
  •   10-point tenant screening process

How We Maximize Your ROI:

Experienced investors know that a lot can go wrong when it comes to real estate investing. Below we've listed some of the crucial tasks that we take care of to ensure your investment runs smoothly and headache free. The accurate execution of these tasks directly effect your overall ROI, and as such are best left to a professional.

For example, failing to undertake an accurate market analysis could mean the loss of thousands of dollars down the road. Incorrectly screening a tenant could cost you thousands, and months in court. The list goes on and on.  We reduce the potential for these common mistakes to occur, and as such protect your bottom line.  

  •  Market analytics
  •  Property search process
  •  Vetting tenants
  •  Filling a vacancy as quickly as possible, with the right tenant
  •  Renovations, done to code and specs
  •  Solving unforeseen problems
  •  Dealing with client or tenant issues



We look forward to putting our expertise and resources to work for you.

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Why Primo Investment Properties?



 It's not easy managing a portfolio of properties by yourself. We know because we were just like you once! Struggling to keep up with renovations, maintenance, phone calls, emails, rent, etc.

But over the years we've built a powerful network of people, systems, and tools, and we'd like to share that with you. From property management, to legal suite construction, we'll give you peace of mind, and allow you to finally enjoy the rewards of owning investment properties without the associated hassle.



Investing in real estate can be complicated, even overwhelming when you're just starting out. If you're a qualified investor you can have your name on tittle, and earn up to 60% of the net return, all without lifting a finger. We'll find the properties, get them up to spec, fill them with tenants, and everything else required.

From accounting to renovations, we've got it covered.  It's time to stop working for your money, and time for your money to start working for you.



 If you're self employed, have bruised credit,  or are new to Canada, we want to help get you into a home that you can truly be proud of. Rent-To-Own offers you the flexibility of renting and the reward of home ownership. As a Tennant you'll be provided with a variety of resources to help you save for a downpayment, repair your credit, and get approved for a mortgage, all while already living in your own home. We treat tenants like part of our family, and truly invest ourselves in your future. From the moment you contact us, to the day you takeover your new home, we're there ever step of the way.