Why Primo Investment Properties?

Confidence Inspiring Education, Suport & Service.

Primo Investment Properties is a family owned real estate investing and real estate services company.

Just like you, we're real estate investors too! We truly believe that a well managed real estate portfolio is one of the most powerful tools in the pursuit of financial freedom, and lifelong success.

Featured on the Lifestyle Housing Podcast

Featured on the Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast

What We Offer:

Joint Venture Partnerships: Hassle free alternative to the stock market that you have full control over. You put up the capital, we do all the hard work, and we split the profits. Imagine a 10% or more return year on year, without lifting a single finger.

Income Suite Design & Build: Full A-Z design and build service. Every income suite is thoroughly planned & researched to maximize ROI. Unlike a general contractor, we know the real estate investing industry inside and out, and work only with investors. 

Property Renovations: Have you purchased a distressed property in major need of renovation? We'll put together a plan and budget that will get your property up to spec with minimal investment and maximum return. 

Consulting & Coaching: New to investing and need some help getting started? Perfect, we love working with begginers and getting them in the world of real estate investing. Experienced investor looking to get into a big project and not quite ready to tackle it alone? We're here for you, get in touch and we can discuss your project in person.

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